Tired of picking those tennis balls? Get a tennis ball hopper!

So you love tennis, and you think it’s the best sport in the world, but one thing you hate about it is the fact that you have to pick the balls around the court during training. It does not only consume so much time, but it can also strain your back if repeatedly done! If this is your exact sentiments, here is a solution for you: a tennis ball hopper! Tennis ball hoppers are every player and coach’s best friend. They make life on the court so much easier and fun.

What is a tennis ball hopper?

A tennis ball hopper is a basket that holds tennis balls. It comes with handles which also get converted to legs, so you can carry the basket around when picking the balls up, and then let it stand upright when it’s game time.

Many players and coaches find hoppers very useful as they do not only save time in ball collection but also provide a good place for the balls’ safe keeping. Imagine being able to collect the balls ten times faster and making sure they are ready for another game, would you not call that a win-win situation?

Kinds of tennis ball hoppers

Just like any basket or container, tennis ball hoppers come in all shapes and sizes. The more basic ones are made of metal wires or polypropylene while the bigger ones could also have nylons bags and mesh. Some of them can be carried around while others have wheels so you can roll them around the court instead.

For the more serious and competitive players, there are ball mowers as well. From the name itself, you can already imagine how it looks. It’s a like a lawn mower with “arms” that can collect balls up to several feet far. Now if that would not save you effort and time! Anyway, depending on your needs, priorities, and budget, there is surely a ball hopper that suits you perfectly.

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